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Wednesday, August 17, 2016



I love the clouds.

My first moment of pure cloud-induced wonder was on a flight many years ago, departing Cincinnati at dawn. Darkness below, and a moment of absolute glory as we rose above the clouds 
and into a brilliant white cotton candy fantasyland. 

The opportunity to see clouds from 30,000 feet as we race from one part of the country (or world!) to another is an experience only those of us in the last hundred years of human evolution can claim.

That's really something if you think about it. Given the billions of people who have lived over the last ten thousand or so years of human civilization, only the last few generations have seen the world from above the clouds. They have dreamed of it, and in many cases have labeled it "heaven". 

Who am I to argue?

I spend my flights looking out the window and appreciating the view.

Particularly the clouds.

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