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Monday, August 29, 2016


I'm in a weeklong workshop which starts a bit too early for me to be to post my daily shots and still make it out the door to fight the traffic and make my way to the session on time.

So..just for fun I've selected four different pictures all with the same file number. and am posting in advance. My archives are set up so that multiple images might have the same file number, but are kept separate by date and location, making for images from all over which might share a specific number.

That noted, I simply selected four shots with the file number of "0045" to see what I got.

This week you get to see as well.


Located a bit "around the corner and inland" of the famous  Circular Quay and The Rocks, Darling Harbour is a fun and expansive area of restaurants, museums and other attractions. Worthy of a day in and of itself, it's a great side trip away from the Opera House, Coat Hanger and "usual" Sydney stops.

Oh, and the view of the Sydney skyline is pretty spectacular too.

Saturday, August 27, 2016


Forgive me, but I'm a few days late on this little bit of news. Congratulations to the United States' National Parks Service in honor of its 100th Anniversary.

Over the years we've managed to get to a fair number of the parks, monuments and battlefields. Everything from Wolf Trap Farm Park for the Performing Arts, to the Grand Canyon itself. From Gettysburg National Battlefield to the Everglades to Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii.

It's an amazing legacy and one which our country should be absolutely proud.

I've got a lot more to visit, and I look forward to the many great discoveries to come.

Just a few from my travels....

Hawaii Volcanoes NP
Mt St Helens
El Yunque NP, Puerto Rico
Washington Monument
Liberty Bell and Independence Hall 
Grand Canyon NP
Great Falls Park, Virginia

Mt Haleakala NP, Maui
Painted Desert and Petrified Forest NP

San Antonio Missions (The Alamo)

Valley Forge

Columbia River Gorge

Joshua Tree NP, California

The San Juan Islands NHP

Minute Man NHP

Gateway Arch, St Louis

Arlington National Cemetery
Statue of Liberty

Rocky Mountain NP

Gettysburg NB

Everglades NP


This next week I'll be posting a blog entry I've tentatively entitled "Familiarity Breeds Affection" which will discuss the effect of being somewhere versus imagining what it "must be like". If that's confusing, wait until the entry. Should be clearer (I hope).

But in the meantime it's a fun moment when I'm watching a film or tv show which suddenly appears in a place I've been. That I may have a little bit more than passing familiarity with.

In the last couple of months my wife and I have been watching a series of film classics. Movies such as THE AFRICAN QUEEN; PSYCHO; ARSENIC AND OLD LACE; BLADE RUNNER (Director's cut); VICTOR/VICTORIA and others.

This last Tursday night we watched one of my favorites: TO CATCH A THIEF with Grace Kelly and Cary Grant. It's a marvelous film in so many ways, and takes place on the French Riviera. And yes, some of the fun is being familiar with the locations now that I've visited the area, an enjoyment not open to me on previous viewings.

One of the most fun is only fleeting, but at one point the camera trains its eye on the hilltop town of Gourdon (below), in the Maritime Alps. It's a wonderful little town, and one of the most memorable meals we've eaten was a lunch in small bistro overlooking the mountains.

It's ne of the best perks of travel: a personal relevance to the locations we see in films.

But more about that later.

Friday, August 26, 2016


Friday. It's not so much "Gittin' down" on Friday as "Getting up".

Today's martini is from the OXO Brasserie on the South Bank of the Thames River in London. It's a bit of a throwback to earlier days of sipping your martinis and having a wonderful conversation.

It's just one of the martinis to be featured in the new book CHASING MARTINIS, an advance chapter of which can be read here.

Have yourself a wonderful weekend.