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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN, Part 2 - A Photo Essay

In a previous blog post some four years ago I talked about the shooting locations for the movie UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN, a favorite of mine for the way the film uses the location to extraordinary effect: essentially creating a stage against which characters change and the story unfolds, but also as very much a character in and of itself.

Tuscany plays a role in the changes of the central characters, all but a handful of them outsiders in search of a new life and lifestyle. Gentle and caring locals, each of them a character in their own right, introduce their new friends to the Tuscan lifestyle -- an alluring and wonderful way to live which we, as the viewers, can only aspire.

It's a beautiful film, and strongly recommended for anyone who has the Raman blood, the wandering spirit, and the desire to find an oasis in which you could simply discover yourself.

Below are shots from the towns of Cortona and Montepulciano, two settings for the movie.

(If you're a wine aficionado, particularly of reds, Montepulciano d"Abruzzo is one of my favorite wine varietals in the world.)


View from Cortona
Fresh fruit
Gelato on a hot day

The Garlic Bread! Oh, God, the Garlic Bread!!!

Wonderful pastas

Excellent cheese stores




Montepulciano wines

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