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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Can you tell I'm really, really looking forward to Halloween this year? For me it isn't the evening itself, though that can be a lot of fun. It's the run-up to the night. I love watching the scary films, the marathons of shows like Buffy, The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits.

For me this is a season, not just one night. In the next few days my wife and I will have the annual screening of SLEEPY HOLLOW, which the is official start to our Halloween Season. Yeah, there are already decorations up in the yard, but the movie just seems to be the right jumping-off place for all things that go bump in the night.

Or the forest. Have you ever noticed how many scary things lurk in the forest? There's always something there, just out of view, watching you.

October Country picture of the day: Forest for the Trees.

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  1. Nature tells us to grow straight, and strong...and then gave us trees, to follow her blueprint.