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Friday, May 5, 2017


This week's Friday Martini is temporarily supplanted by a wish for a 
Happy Cinco de Mayo, or "Fifth of May".

It's really more of an American holiday celebrating Mexican culture than a Mexican holiday,
but it gives us the opportunity to get together and accent one aspect of the overall American Culture, which is, by design, a melting pot for other cultures and peoples.

In many ways we have lost our way and lost our pride in being that cultural stew.

As Travelers we learn to understand and value peoples who are different from ourselves, and appreciate what it is that they bring to the cultural canvas. As Americans we welcome them into our lands and our hearts, as is our cultural priority - at least as it is elucidated in our longstanding ideals. 
We haven't ever really risen as a whole to the best that is in us, but in our past our ancestors showed us the way, and gave us the tools with which to be that "Beacon to the World" we imagine ourselves to be.

We've always strived to be better.

So, in celebrating the Battle of Puebla, we get the opportunity to 
reach across the social divides and find what unites us instead of dividing us.

And since I don't have an easily-located photo of the Mexican flag, I'll opt instead for
a shell full of Mexican peppers in the colors of the Mexican flag. A toast to the spice of life.

Feliz dia de la Battalla de Pueblo. Feliz Cinco de Mayo.

Happy day of the Battle of Puebla. Happy Cinco de Mayo.

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