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Thursday, March 9, 2017


Venice, for the uninitiated, is a part of Los Angeles even Angelenos consider a little “off”. It’s been described as a particular bit of grunge bohemian, even before those terms became popular. For our British friends, think “low-rent Blackpool” and you’ll have it.

But in truth, if you picture in your mind what “LA Beaches” looks like there’s a good chance you’ll picture Venice. It’s smelting pot of cultures, people and ideas, and probably one of the few spots you’ll encounter ganja smokers, the homeless, blue-hairs, bohemians, weightlifters and Millennials all mixing together and mixing it up for a truly unique Venice Beach culture. Oh, and quite a few tourists who contribute their monies to the local economy. 

It's where Angelenos go when we want to understand ourselves.

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