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Friday, March 10, 2017


I have been visiting Las Vegas for more than three decades now, 
and collecting/consuming martinis for probably half of that time.

I think I can legitimately claim some sort of "expertise" on both.

One week from today, next Friday, I will announce my selection for 

Best Martini on the Las Vegas Strip


Best Strip Spot for Sipping Martinis

I've had a lot of fun over the years, and sipped a lot of martinis.
Time to pick a favorite (and annoy everyone else). For the next 
week I'll be posting shots of the finalists here on the Thumbnail Traveler
blog, as well as on our social media accounts (follow us if you haven't already!).

Below is our first contender. 

Chopin Vodka.

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  1. In the old days, when I was in the cast of La Cage at the Rivera, they had a Martini Bar...and each cast, that went there after their last show, was given a Martini named after them...ours was the "The Strawberry Cuckoo Cuckoo"...(La Cage means let the birds out of the cage).