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Saturday, January 21, 2017


The inscription in Spanish reads:

"Conjunto Escultorico

Alegorico al rescate del barrio de Ballajá por el pueblo

La mujer representa el barrio. El manto que la curre
es el "olvido."

El hombre viejo, dotado de las garras y del craneo del
Ave de Rapiña, que intenta ocultarla, representa todas
aquellas fuerzas que de algun modo han mantenido
cubierta, tras el olvido, a Ballajá.

El hombre joven simboliza el nuevo espiritu de una
generacion de Puertorriqueños afanados en rescatar
su pasado del olvido y asi afirmar el valor de su


English (rough) Translation:

"Sculpturally this ensemble is allegorical to the rescue of the district of Ballajá by the Puerto Rican people. 

The woman represents the district. The cloak represents the "forgotten." 
The old man, equipped with claws and skull of a bird of prey, trying to hide it, represents all those forces that somehow have kept cover, after the forgotten Ballajá. 
The young man symbolizes the new spirit of a generation of Puerto Ricans struggling to rescue this past from oblivion and therefore affirm the value of their identity."

(This angle makes the woman a little difficult to pick out. She is kneeling at on the lower left, her hair draping down as she seems to be holding the younger man aloft.)

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