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Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Today's image is from the shops along Voorstraat, the main tourism street in Philipsburg, Sint Maarten, the Dutch side of an island shared with France.  Despite the fact my wife has a devil of a time getting me to do any kind of shopping (other than grocery) while we're at home, I LOVE shopping districts, no matter how touristy they may get -- and some of them get frighteningly touristy. I have t-shirts and shot glasses to prove my point.

Both Sint Maarten and Saint Martin (the French side) thrive on the tourist dollars -- in about an hour Voorstraat will be teeming with tourists slipped from their cruise ships to head into town to make contributions to the local economy.

Because it is a divided island, featuring both Dutch and French cultures to their best, Saint Martin is one of our favorite destinations in the Caribbean. Whether you enjoy all-inclusive resorts or prefer small-town beach places, a quiet escape or the vibrance of a casino, a high-end dining experience or grabbing a snack at a local lolo, Sint Maarten/Saint Martin is a small island with a lot of options. 

Try the Ma Doudou flavored rhum, it's spectacular (and usually very cheap) almost everywhere on the island.

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