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Monday, April 11, 2016


When I am on the road, particularly to a new or exotic location, a favorite photographic and cultural practice for me includes a brief stop in at a local house of worship.

Whether it is monumentally grand or charitably humble, the vast majority of institutions speak to a spirituality and peace which is all too difficult to find in this modern day world. I may not endorse or follow the religion myself, but no matter what the faith my visit often creates an opportunity for a quiet moment of introspection.

And while I can be awed by the power and architecture of many great structures -- St. Paul's in London; Notre Dame in Paris; The National Cathedral in Washington, DC; The Vatican -- it's more often the truly humble, unassuming gathering places which give me a spiritual pause.

(La Iglesia de la Santa Cruz, Bahia de la Santa Cruz, Huatulco, Mexico)

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