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Sunday, December 31, 2017


As anyone who knows me personally is aware, 2017 was a difficult year. Following on a difficult 2016. There were major emotional losses over these two years, including both of my parents, a beloved aunt and a beloved uncle, a dear, dear friend and a wonderful pet dog. They are all very deeply missed. We had tragedies of other sorts as well, with illnesses including cancer striking several people at the core of my family. Those stories are yet unfinished but are looking better.

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I don't often get on about my personal life here on the blog, but that may change with the new year. As I often do this time of year - as many people do - I am re-evaluating what works and what does not. I'm vowing to have a lot more fun in the new year once we get past the unhappy task of burying my father in Arlington National Cemetery this upcoming week. Full military honors, and yes, I will be sharing that here.

In the new year I think the blog will evolve just a bit. I find myself wanting to do more than just post shots from a variety of places around the world which I've visited. I want to do more, be more varied. Movie reviews, experiences, books I've loved. General lifestyle things which don't necessarily relate to travel but are significant nonetheless.

I want to talk about travel experiences more, devoting more time to things which motivate me and others to see the world, to experience it directly instead of simply online. (Yes, I get the irony.)

So...stay tuned. More on that later.

As far as travel in 2017, it picked up only slightly over 2016. As usual we took one major trip, and a variety of smaller ones, though the number of smaller trip destinations was more restricted that usual (petty much Las Vegas, Laguna Beach and Lake Arrowhead, all relatively nearby). The larger adventure was a blitzkrieg event, driving 6200 miles in 19 days, visiting 25 - half! - of these United States.

Overwhelming and exhausting, to the point we modified plans in the last week, cutting out two favorite destinations. We found ourselves missing home and decided to drop Santa Fe and the Grand Canyon from our planned itinerary, deciding instead that a direct route home from San Antonio was called for.

This was brought about as we wandered through San Antonio's splendid Riverwalk and found we weren't being properly enthusiastic. We'd arrived after a long drive from New Orleans, encountering a major storm near Beaumont which sapped our energy considerably. (Driving in rain is stressful. Driving in a Texas-style downpour is moreso.) Thus we arrived at the Alamo's city considerably the worse for wear, and made the decision that we simply needed to head home.

(I will note that the purpose of the trip was to attend my father's funeral in Annapolis, which certainly contributed to the sudden lack of enthusiasm. We probably, in hindsight, succumbed to that life event's aftermath rather than simply becoming tired of the road. Events likely combined to sap our enthusiasm.)

Throughout the trip I posted updates, both photographic as well as video, on our Instagram and Twitter feeds. Hope you followed along. I am reposting a few of those things below, as part of the recap.

And yes, there were many martinis along the way.

So, as I write this on the cusp of a new year, I'm looking back on considerable sadness, but also with some happy memories which can bouy my thoughts. 2018 looks like a fun year, with several trips already on the docket. (Maui later next month, a gift to ourselves for the travails of the past year.)

Regardless, the adventure continues and we'll be posting thoughts, ideas, suggestions and a lot more content over the next twelve months. Kinda looking forward to the new year and the experiences it promises.

As I remarked above, stay tuned. And thank you for following along. 

Happy New Year.

The photographic year in review:

Laguna Beach dining


Desert Southwest


Vail, Colorado

The Colorado River

Storm in Kansas

A stop in Hayes for lunch

Bible Belt

Down-hokme Brekky!

A necessary stop

The Missouri River

Gateway Arch

View from the Gateway Arch

Whiskey distillery- Yum!

The excellent Hotel Covington


Harper's Ferry
Leaving Annapolis, for the last time?

Shop in North Carolina


Bayou Boatin'


Vegas Martini

Lake Arrowhead for Christmas. Last of the year.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Taking a few days off to regroup before the year-end wrap up, then heading into the New Year
with enthusiasm. More shortly.

Monday, December 25, 2017


Wishing you the very best holiday season regardless of faith, ethnic background or nationality.

No, not being politically correct, I actually wish good will towards all people this and every time of year. As is taught to us by the very child whose birth we celebrate this day.

May your life be full of joy, and your new year a prosperous one.

Friday, December 22, 2017


Like most of the structures on this list, the Eiffel Tower began life as a controversial project. Labeled as "ugly", "too big" and "too dangerous", and heavily criticized for both aesthetics and engineering, the tower was built as a reportedly temporary structure for the World's Fair in Paris, completed in 1889. It was designed to stand until 1909, when the City of Paris was expected to tear it down.

Obviously, plans changed.

One of the tallest structures in the world for a hundred years (THE tallest for its first 41 years of its existence), the tower has stood the test of time and has become symbolic of Paris, and even of France itself.

Thursday, December 21, 2017


Frequently mistaken, name-wise, for the London Bridge (now in Lake Havasu, Arizona), London's Tower Bridge is one of the most famous and iconic bridges in the world.

Formally opened in 1894, Tower Bridge, named for its location near the Tower of London - itself an important and iconic building - spanned the Thames River while providing for passage for tall-masted sailing ships to pass unobstructed to London ports upstream of the bridge.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Built in just a little over a year, standing 1454 feet tall, and a symbol of the American Century to much of the world, New York's Empire State Building was a monument to engineering that
to this day still stands as one of the tallest, and certainly most iconic, skyscrapers in the world.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


The Sydney Opera House is an instantly recognizable structure and has come to represent the international image of Australia's largest city.

Opened in 1973, at first the building was considered to be an expensive boondoggle. But its architectural innovations and scenic location on Sydney Harbour immediately established it as one of the world's most iconic structures.

Monday, December 18, 2017


It's Monday morning. Time for that all-important first cuppa for the week.

Make it strong, and make it a double.

From the streets of Manhattan we have a coupla cab-drivin' Joes drinkin' a couple joes.

Welcome to Monday.

Friday, December 15, 2017


I missed posting the below shots for our Disney week.

Disneyland, the original, one and only.

Established 1955.