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Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Tucked into a side strip of water on Croatia's famed Dalmatian coast, along the pastoral Adriatic, is a rocky outcropping seemingly designed, begging even, for a picturesque village.

From its preeminent position on that outcropping, the city of Korcula's Old Town is that village, a wonderful little wandering ground of alleys, shops, friendly people and history. Marco Polo himself is rumored to have been born in Korcula  where he grew up as the son of a merchant ,to the Far East and the town became the launching ground for Polo's world travels. A small museum features artifacts and a tour of his residence. 

Shops, galleries and other attractions are to be found here, with some excellent restaurants (and spectacular views) are found on the southeasternmost rim of the town.

A truly inviting and out-of-the-way destination for visitors who want to immerse 
themselves in a living history dating back nearly a thousand years - 
with access to the modern world just a (literal) drawbridge away.

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