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Sunday, June 19, 2016


One of the places we lived when I was a boy was Japan. And, as a boy, I was given a carp wind-sock to be flown over the house on "Boys Day".

Here in the states we honor our mothers and fathers similarly, though not by putting windsock fish on oles outside the house. We make phone calls and send greeting cards to let our respective parents know how important they are to us and thank them for their contributions to our lives.

Today is the American Fathers Day. 

I'd like to wish Dad a wonderful and special day, and thank him for the innumerable contributions he has made to me and our family. He has, with no exaggeration, had a profound and positive influence on us all.

And for my wife's father, who sadly left this life some fifteen years back, a similar note of appreciation for your support, love and the impact you had upon us s a younger and more naive couple -- and particularly son-in-law. We miss you.

We have been doubly fortunate to have had not one but two excellent role models and paterfamilias in our lives. Blessed is perhaps a better word.

Happy Fathers Day

My father-in-law, Sam Howard

My father, James A Barber

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