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Monday, March 14, 2016


As you travel, you become accustomed to learning things about other cultures you had never suspected, let alone knew. Even things you wonder at and may not agree upon.

I was standing in a little shop in Cartagena, Colombia, and noted there were several small versions of a statue of a Native American woman for sale amongst the tchotckes. At one end of the shop, positioned amongst artistic portraits of women and girls in a position of honor, stood a life-sized copper-colored copy of the same image.

I asked the shop owner "Quien es la india?" ("Who is the indian woman?")

He replied "Es La India Catalina". ("The indian Catalina.")

A moment later I indicated my camera, "Con permiso" ("With permission")

"Si, solo la india." ("Yes, the indian only.")

"Si, solamenta la india." ("Yes, only the indian.")

Upon research I found that the woman, named Catalina by the Spaniards, helped in the conquest of the native Colombian peoples. She is held as a symbol, of sorts, by the Colombians, and this statue -- the original -- is revered by modern-day Colombians.

Given my work with native American cultures, I'm not sure why.

But I will honor her.

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