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Friday, February 19, 2016

WELL, HOWDY! Return of The Friday Martini - Qantas' Revenge

So, here we go trying to get back on track after a hectic start to the year. As a Traveler I've been living up to my reputation. As a martini "researcher", the last month has been a little short on success.

But it's time to get back to the basics.

In light of both travel and of martinis, this little puppy comes to us courtesy the Little Ludlow Bar at Melbourne International Airport, roughly three years ago. 

We were flying from Perth to Auckland, with a connection in Melbourne. What began as a two hour layover was greatly extended via a frustrating and somewhat-eventful six hour delay -- which made finding a local watering hole a necessary and appreciated distraction. 

Not only did the delay cost us our sleep (early evening flight turned to an early morning flight...2am, to be precise), but the resultant exhaustion on our part cost an entire day of touring Auckland. The delay also set us down into Auckland in the midst of a strong tropical storm. Harrowing is a light term from the pitching approach and solid thump as we connected with Tarmac. Fun times.

I've got it written down somewhere, but I think this was Stoli vodka. The wine was a local Sauvignon Blanc, ordered by my wife (who doesn't usually drink...which should tell you something about our delay).

Welcome to the Weekend!!

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