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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Pc of the Day: Swimming Strongly Discouraged

They say that Australia is, species by species, the most dangerous place on Earth. Everything wants to eat you.  This lesson is drilled into you at almost every turn, particularly in north Queensland where you will encounter wild crocodiles, cassowaries, a variety of large insects and other nasty predators. Not a place to wander aimlessly.

One evening we took an evening (sunset) cruise up Packers Creek in Port Douglas, aboard the very charming Lady Douglas. A variety of wildlife was visible including a pair of nesting eagles who were quite happy to provide us a show as we passed their nest high atop the mangrove trees.

But far and away the highlight was this little guy, estimated at 5 meters long (16') by the ship's wildlife expert. He's a well-known local, a salt water crocodile with a reputation 
as being the "Big Croc on the Block". 

He paced us for a while before being convinced we weren't going swimming.

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