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Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Some changes coming here at the Thumbnail Traveler. Good ones, I hope.

I want to begin building a bit more of the Lifestyle and Travel Destination elements of the site, tying in a number of things including the Chasing Martinis page's content and other aspects of travel above and beyond photographs and vignettes. Things to do and detailed travel reports about adventures to be had.

In that regard you'll start seeing more Lifestyle elements coming to the page. How to live a Traveler's lifestyle even when you're at home. In other words, how to do things that make you feel like life itself is the adventure, and not just leaving that to the two or three weeks a year you can go somewhere.

And so, you'll see some new and at-times surprising content. Martini recipes will start appearing on the Chasing Martinis site. I might include some really cool food recipes here based on a traveler's cuisine. Nothing makes you feel like you're living the lifestyle than preparing and eating exotic cuisine. I'll be adding weekender material, ideas for how you can make short journeys without a lot of expense. Getting out, getting to see the places we live, as a tourist or traveler might see them.

(We've discussed the difference between a tourist and traveler, and it's nicely defined on the picture below. But, as ace travel-maven Rick Steves notes: "Embrace the tourist stuff" when you're in a touristy locale. It's good advice. This particularly applies to your own, local, touristy stuff.)

So stay tuned, it's going to be a series of fine-tunings, not a wholesale change. But stick around, we've got some cool stuff coming up.

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