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Friday, February 16, 2018


Part of living the Travelers' lifestyle involves getting to know your own part of the world pretty well. A solid understanding and appreciation of the place you live is fundamental to setting a base-line for when you're visiting other places (how does this new place differ from your own) but also gives you the opportunity to show off where YOU live with visitors.

When family or friends visit from out of town are you able to highlight some of the places they should visit while in the area? What places appeal to you? Where would YOU go if only visiting for a few days. Is there a special sight which most people don't know? A point of interest? A restaurant which "only the locals" know? A cool little shop that's just a little bit different?

These are the things your visitors might want to see, do and experience. What best represents the area and why you choose to live there?

It can help get you a new perspective and appreciation for your own locale. For how others would see it. The good, the bad and the tourist-trappy. (Remember, Rick Steves' advice is to embrace the tourist spots for what they are, and get a good mix between diving into the local scene and spending the time at the touristy places.)

Knowing your own neck of the woods and being able to show it off to visitors is a basic skill for most Travelers. After all, if we don't know where we're from, how will we appreciate what we're seeing when we're somewhere else?

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