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Monday, February 20, 2017


This morning brings word that a restaurant in rural France was
awarded a Michelin Star. Except that it wasn't. 

The owner of the bistro is taking it all in stride, but had this happened to a true Michelin starred restaurant, there would have been Hell to pay. To many restaurateurs the stars are catnip, and earning them can be both glorious and ruinous to a reputation.

According the Michelin, the stars are awarded in this way:

One star - Very good cooking in its category
Two stars - Excellent cooking, worth a detour
Three stars - Exceptional cuisine, worthy of a special journey

I have never had the privilege of dining in a Michelin-starred restaurant (to my knowledge). But it's a fascinating world of reviewers and restaurateurs. The pursuit of a star can be all-consuming, while the loss of one...well, devastating, or worse.

But it's always fascinating.

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