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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


It's the trend worldwide, even though it's technically how food worked for all but the most recent of memories. Farm to table. My own experience growing fruit and veggies in the back yard demonstrates readily how different fresh tastes.

We grow avocados, limes, several types of tomatoes. Onions, cilantro. 

Essentially guacamole.

Heck, if we could figure out how to grow corn and make corn chips we'd have paradise.

But I digress...

I love a great farmer's market. Even better, I love cooking and eating the ingredients much more than prefab food or vegetables that taste like juice-filled cardboard.

THE Farmers Market, as far as Angelenos are concerned, is at the corner of 3rd and Beverly. Founded in the early thirties, it's now a huge tourism site, as well as a weekly custom for thousands of families through the L.A. region.

Part tourist attraction and part foodie haven.

The Los Angeles Farmers Market. Worth a trip. And if you can't get there, check out your local version.

After all, local is the idea...

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