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Monday, February 6, 2017


A wee bit of brand tweaking this morning, adding the bug line 


to our logo. 

The purpose is to broaden out the focus just a bit. After three years of travel items, I want to branch into other, related, areas and discuss other topics such as lifestyle, entertainment, night life, food, fashion or whatever else catches my attention. The effect of this will feature a few more essays and topics than what had largely become a daily paragraph about whatever shot I'd selected from the archives.

It's a gentle tweak, but hopefully one you'll enjoy.

Feel free to comment below.

And today's photograph, to kick us off in the right direction, is of an elegant evening under the stars and next to the fountains at the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas. The restaurant featured is PICASSO

The food was good, though admittedly not spectacular. The ambience, however, consisting of patio dining on a warm summer evening as the fountains danced, was worth every penny (and there were quite a few pennies that night).

(No, your computer monitor isn't having problems...I put a filter on this shot 
to add a bit of watercolor-effect to enhance the image and mood.)

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