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Saturday, September 30, 2017


The Louisiana bayous are the stuff of legend. From tales of pirates and treasures to the culture of the creole and cajun people that live back amongst the trees and swamps, it's a distinct and almost magical lifestyle.

For many of us it conjures up an image of the lone fisherman, or croc hunter in our most imaginative moments, living in a ramshackle house out amongst the mangroves.

Or of a voodoo priestess practicing her magic as the campfire light dances across the waters of the swamp.

And while there are people who live that way, life in the bayou isn't as harsh or isolationist as the casual visitor might expect.

A recent visit to New Orleans was highlighted by a tour around one of the neighboring bayous. Airboat, such as you might find in the Florida Everglades.  It's the perfect craft for navigating the swamps. Captain Mitch is your local guide. And Kermin is your host for a pleasant afternoon relaxing in the bayou.

You can find out more at Ultimate Swamp Adventures.

Our host Kermin

Kermin's "driveway" and front walk

Mitch working to free a trapped snake 

Captain Mitch discussing life on the bayou

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