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Sunday, November 13, 2016


“I was born and raised in East Africa, and when I turned fifteen, my parents arranged for me to go on a hunt, which was a rite of passage for young men in Kenya in that era. I tracked, shot and killed an elephant. From the moment I watched the most magnificent beast I’d ever laid eyes on fall, I was heartsick and made a vow to myself: to only shoot with a camera, not with a gun."

- Geoffrey Kent, co-founder, Abercrombie and Kent

Hunting is a pastime that I will admit to being completely beyond my understanding. So up front you may consider that point of view when approaching this image and Geoffrey Kent's quote up top. I make no claim to knowing why someone would choose to kill an animal save as food on the table.  (Though, frankly, if I'm ever in a situation in which I'm the selected entree for that animal, my opinion will rapidly evolve towards enlightened self-preservation...)

But until that day I'd far prefer to shoot an animal with my Nikon and leave the beast for someone else to enjoy.

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