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Monday, November 28, 2016


I was ten years old the first time I remember crossing the country in a car.

My father and I set off to California from Rhode Island on a grand road trip designed to give us father/son time on our own as we moved yet again, for the seventh time in my young life as a Navy Brat. As part of the journey my Dad let me pick a handful of places to visit along the way.

As a kid, and as an adult for that matter, I am fascinated with all things astronomical. So the chance to see a for-real impact crater was too much for me to miss as we traveled down Interstate 40 the day following a visit to the Petrified National Forest and before reaching the Grand Canyon. 

(To a 10-year-old rock logs are interesting, but this is a meteor crater!)

Years later I revisited the crater with my wife, who may have been a little less enthusiastic about it than I was, but she's a trooper and we spent an hour or so looking at the big hole in the ground.

Meteor Crater, Arizona. It's among the first of the the places I went which fostered a love of natural wonders and exploration of the world around us. Certainly worth a side trip if you're in the area.

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