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Monday, May 11, 2015

Pic of the Day: 2am Bourbon Street

This is one of those "almost" shots, but in a way the flaws add to the setting. It's 2am on Bourbon Street. Things are beginning to wind down (a bit) and people are already hooking up and wandering the streets in an alcohol-infused haze.

The blurriness is why it's best not to be in your own induced haze when shooting. I love the stories told here: the three buddies out on the town on the left. The man in the red shirt and his lady making all lovey-dovey. The woman on the right with a group of guys. The word CATS above them all, as if editorializing on the scene below. Everything is right with this shot with the exception of the focus -- and for that I am entirely to blame. 

Well. Technically it was the rum, but my fault nonetheless.

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