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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Headers Anonymous

"Be able to draw an illustration as least well enough to get your point across to another person."
                                   - Marilyn vos Savant

I have several websites which I maintain, all related to each other but different enough I'd decided they need to have their own space. Each of them deal with different aspects of travel and photography, two of my loves in this life.

This, of course, is the core Thumbnail Traveler blog. It's my primary site and serves as sort of a clearing house, if you will, for my other ones. Ranging in content from The Pic of the Day to blog posts such as this one and featured items from the online store, this gets perhaps the most traffic short of my personal Facebook page. This image was a previous one, but since you can simply look up to see the current one I figured I'd revisit this one for flavor.

My second site is the recently opened Online Store. The focus of the rest of my sites is to help drive potential consumers to that store and see if there's enough interest in my work to be either a key second income or even replace the "real job" with an income when I retire. The simple diamond like square with a shaving blade is a clean and, ideally, eye-attracting image.

My third site is the Thumbnail Traveler Facebook page which originally began as the primary focus but has lately become more of a reposting site. I got this image as I was boarding a Delta flight from Salt Lake City to Long Beach, and only momentarily delayed the boarding process to get it.

Barbergallery.net is my most Artistic site, featuring my Fine Art work rather than the travel stuff. Because of the design of that site there is no photographic banner 00 though the site is=tself has a nice clean look and I think gets the point across.

Twitter is a major feed, and is a foci just as much as this site. The header is a view of Monument Valley, looking west via a rearview mirror on our car.

And lastly, but hardly least, is the Chasing Martinis FB page -- given the fact I've recently completed the first draft of the manuscript and am now seeking either an agent or a publisher, this is becoming a more and more important place for posts and commentary. Years ago I got this shot of a group of unfilled martini glasses prior to some sort of party. It seems appropriate as a header.

And as you've surmised, one of the most important elements to each of these sites is the use of a photographic header. Trying to find one which properly illustrates the pages, and does a good job of attracting the eye isn't easy, and I've had some solid hits and a few misses. Some of my favorites are below, with a brief explanation of where they were. 

Illustration for the the 4th of July

Cloud formation for a touch of whimsy

An eye-catching glimpse of the Goodyear blimp against the sun

A tropical theme highlighted by the El Junque rainforest

The Washington Monument for Memorial Day

All purpose travel header, in this case Rovinj, Croatia



Las Vegas
A croppped version of this is on my 'Traveler FB page. Sorrento, Italy

And my most recent: Happy Halloween! 

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