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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pic of the Day: Window Shaver

This image, available as a canvas print at the Barbergallery Etsy store (or click the logo on the far left column), came to me in a rather unusual way. I was in Palm Springs in my hotel bathroom, readying myself for my morning shower. The environment struck me as very photogenic for some reason, and I quietly snuck back into the bedroom to retrieve my Nikon.

I had the shower running -- yes, very bad form given the current drought, but this was more than a decade ago...during our previous drought.

Seeing the variety of personal items on the counter, such as toothbrush and toothpaste, my morning pills, deodorant, etc, I began taking a few shots with the mindset of capturing the morning routine. This included some shots of the little collection of shampoos and conditioners hotels often leave for the guests. But in the setting up and arranging of the items I moved my razor over to the little diamond window on the other side of the shower.

This caught my attention. The extreme contrast between the morning light coming in through the window and the darkness inside the bathroom made for a nice silhouetting of the razor and the drops of water on the window itself. As you can see it's now part of the Barbergallery store logo. Very eye catching and simple, I think.

I hope you agree.

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