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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Explicking the Inexplicable (a mini entry)

“The simplest explanation is that it doesn't make sense.” - Wiliam Beuchner

There are times when, as a travel blogger, you uncover the inexplicable. Lousy hotels with great reviews. Terrific destinations being denigrated by tourists. Snooty dismissals of perfectly passable things to see and do.

Then there are the stunning errors.

As I write this I am sitting at the bar in the simply magnificent Dome Bar, in the Hotel Camino Real in El Paso. Yes. You read that right. El Paso.

The stunning glass dome itself
The architecture is just amazing. A vast, open area, topped by a Tiffany-esque (if not Tiffany itself) ceiling. Finely appointed decoration, hailing from a different era. Good food, from the nearby Huerta restaurant (in the hotel), and a perfectly passable martini.

And yet, until just moments ago I was the sole denizen of this treasure. 

Then, reading entries in Yelp and other sites, I am told how bad the service is at Huerta. How boring the bar is. How service itself suffers at the Hotel Camino Real.

And yet...I see none of it.

Staggeringly beautiful. Solid if unspectacular food (reasonably priced by hotel standards), and a really tasty martini.

What have I missed....?



The beautiful woodwork and design of The Dome Bar

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