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Thursday, August 24, 2017


We're back from the journey, and below are the respective tallies. I'll be doing a much more comprehensive workup using high-resolution photographs which I took along the way, but for now, here are the raw statistics:

6270 miles

25 states
(California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio*, Pennsylvania*, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee*, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida*, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico) (*-added to itinerary)

20 days
(Originally 21)

Mountains: San Bernardino; Wasatch; Rockies; Appalachians; Blue; Smoky

Rivers: Colorado (7 times+); Missouri (2); Mississippi (4); Ohio (6); Potomac (3); Shenandoah (3); Chattanooga (1); Pecos (1); Rio Grande (1)
(+ - The Interstate paralleled the Colorado in the Rockies and crossed over it multiple times...)

National Parks and Monuments/Historic Sites
Gateway Arch; Harpers Ferry; Smoky Mountains; Carlsbad Caverns

Major Cities (in order)
Las Vegas; Denver; Kansas City; St Louis; Louisville; Cincinnati; Columbus; Washington, DC; Asheville; Atlanta; Montgomery; New Orleans; Houston; San Antonio; El Paso; Tucson; Phoenix; Long Beach/LA Metro

Central Utah Wasatch Mountains, Rockies, winery in Missouri, Gateway Arch, distillery in Kentucky, hotel in Kentucky, Harpers Ferry, Annapolis, Blue Ridge Mountains,  Biltmore Estate, Waynesville/Maggie Valley, Pensacola, New Orleans, swamp tour, trying boudin and cracklins, San Antonio Riverwalk, dinner at Trinity Hotel (Carlsbad)

Carlsbad Caverns elevator problem (couldn't go into the caverns)
Rerouting away from the Grand Canyon and Santa Fe (exhaustion just finally got to us.)

There are a LOT of notes and photographs (high res) to parse, but a handful of shots from the iPhone below. Stay tuned for a LOT of very cool stuff.

Central Utah

Historic Harpers Ferry, WV

Cincinnati and the Ohio River

View from the Gateway Arch in St Louis

The Mighty Colorado, in the Rockies

Coffee break in Vail. 

Lunch overlooking the Missouri River

NOW we're talking

Messages and crosses were constant

The Devil's Playground

Nevada border - the first of many state lines

Leaving Long Beach - There and Back Again

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