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Sunday, April 10, 2016

EDITORIAL: Targeting Bigotry

I am a Traveler. 

I allow myself the conceit to capitalize that word. It means something to be a Traveler. It is a value, to be able to capitalize that word. Being a Traveler means you Travel with an open point of view, willing to learn and not judge. It means that having an accepting, inquisitive and open mind being not the least among the very basic requirements.

As a responsible Traveler and travel blogger, I find myself in the sickening position of having to strongly recommend travelers avoid two US states. There is a movement in this country, codified so far in North Carolina and Mississippi, towards legislating bigotry as some sort of protection of religion. 

Any religion which embraces bigotry and hate is not worthy of protection.

In North Carolina it becomes worse because the law forbids cities and counties from enacting their own legislation, thereby shutting down their protections under the Constitution.

This is personal for me. I have relatives and friends who are transgender.

I have relatives in North Carolina I must now tell I will not visit until their legislature grows up.

State-sanctioned bigotry, state sanctioned hate cannot be tolerated. It's where we, as a country once were and have worked tirelessly to grow beyond.

In that view, I must strongly advocate that travelers, tourists and visitors avoid spending money or time in either Mississippi or North Carolina until those states, those legislators, rejoin the 21st century.

They have so much to offer, but their legislative bigotry outweighs their undeniable charm.

North Carolina's beautiful Emerald Isle
The majestic Mississippi as seen from Vicksburg, MS

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