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Saturday, June 21, 2014

The iPad Chronicles

“For me, the camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity.” 
 Henri Cartier-Bresson

As a photographer, particularly one who travels quite a bit, I have several cameras at my disposal.

For the most part I am a Nikon aficionado, though I count a Canon video camera and a Fuji still camera as options when needed. Recently, as I discussed I a previous column, I added a new Nikon, the underwater and heavy duty AW 1, which so far has been exemplary.

Mokolele Airlines, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Each of my cameras have their own niche specialty and use -- and each of them has contributed in some way or form to my overall portfolio. I have my favorites for indoor shots, landscape shooting and most of the usual lighting challenges. By far the majority of shots here on the blog are from the Nikons, but an upcoming series if videos were shot using the Canon. (Though my recent underwater videos, which will be posted soon, are the AW1.)

But if you follow my posts on Twitter, or Facebook -- or any social media for that matter -- those are not the pictures you're seeing.

Those photos, used to highlight my adventures as they happen, are from my lowly iPad 2 -- which in no way shape or form can boast a VISUAL advantage. But what it does offer is immediacy. The ability to shoot something and post it online, making the iPad's images among the most timely.

Rockefeller Plaza at Christmastime
I bring it almost everywhere when I'm traveling. It's a good source of entertainment, as well as a handy tool for writing, notekeeping or other activity. This column entry, as well as others, was written on my iPad first, then transferred to the blog.

One of many US Airways flights
But what about those iPad images? Those pictures which, by and large, echo the ones I make with the more sophisticated cameras? They usually sit, under-appreciated and lonely, gathering electronic dust in my archives. A few of them --quite a few of them -- tell as much of a story as the higher resolution shots from the 'real' cameras.

I am aware, and often witness, other travelers and tourists using their iPhone or other smartphones for photography. I disagree that SLRs (those are the cameras with the big interchangeable lenses, as opposed to those which are point-and-shoots) will ever be replaced by cellphones, but recognize their use by the casual photographer. My version of the iPad is not quite even up to those cameras' resolutions, but it handles the requirements I ask of it nicely enough.

A little bistro in old town Nice, France
They aren't portfolio or gallery ready, but I must profess a fondness for these shots. They, more than the rest, really are about the everyday. The fun. The moment. A lot of martinis and airport shots, which is likely related to the fact I am at a bar in an airport when I most use the iPad. Waiting for flights, or watching the world pass by as I sit and take notes.

They're the moments in between.

And sometimes those are the moments we need to remember most, particularly when we're traveling.

Below are a handful of other examples of the iPad's adventures...

The view from our balcony in Rome
Sunset in Port Douglas, Queensland

Mount Saint Helens

The back lot at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood

Sunrise in Oakland, California

In a hot air balloon over Albuquerque

Breakfast scone and reading material, Napa Valley

Live band playing, Austin, TX

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