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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Packed Up and On the Road!

"Life is either a great adventure or nothing."  
                                       Helen Keller 

Okay, I've been remiss. I admit it. I owe you at least two blog posts I've been threatening to put up for the last two weeks. Yeah, yeah, life goes on.
Just a handful of things and I'll get round to it. I AM busy having a good time and documenting it visually. If you're not already doing so, follow me on Twitter for the most current up-to-date adventures and posts. @stevebarber_tt 

(continued below)

High above Los Angeles

Landing at SFO

Many martinis
The Southwestern sky
Offroad safari in Sedona
These last two months have seen a marked increase in my travels, which is gladly accepted and appreciated. Sand Diego, Del Mar, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Phoenix and Tucson, just to name a few. Yes, it's heavily Southwestern, but any time on the road or in new lands is a good thing.

I "discovered", for instance, Albuquerque's reverence for its Route 66 past. There are several sections of the city which are breathing new life into the strips of hotels, motels and formerly cheap diners which marked the roadway's life during first half of the 20th century. Likewise I was drawn to find chocolate in the small New Mexican art town of Madrid (MADrid, for you tourists). The shop is appropriately owned by a man named Harvey Shugarman. 
Of course it is.


In the next two weeks we're heading up to the Morro Bay area of California for a weekend of wine tasting and general falderal, and my work will take me to Las Vegas and Phoenix....and possibly El Paso if the wind blows just right. My little red car is getting quite the workout these days!
So to keep you interested and coming back, here are a handful of shots from the adventures year to date. Stay tuned. More chocolate, pictures and falderal to come.

Aloft over Albuqerque
Rock climbing in Red Rock Park

Sopapillas in Santa Fe

Truck stop (and terrific huevos rancheros!)
Sedona's Church of the Red Rocks


Joshua Tree Nat'l Park
Sunset in Malibu
Aboard the Midway in San Diego

Disneyland and California Adventure!

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