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Monday, May 13, 2013

Photos from the Road

A handful of low-Rez shots from the road on my trip around the Southwest. Not a whole lot of theme involved. Taken with the iPad when the mood struck.

I will be blogging the adventures in a lot more detail, but maybe these will serve to whet your appetite.

View from the Sedona Hotel
Red rocks arise in the distance
Church of the Holy Cross
Pit stop in Arizona

The Continental Divide

An amazing Huevos Rancheros

The Santa Fe plaza at night

A lone, doomed sopapilla - Plaza Cafe, Santa Fe

The famous Basilica St Francis in Santa Fe

The Dragonfly Cafe in Taos

Travel Bug Bookstore - Santa Fe

The "Big I" interchange

The balloon deflates on a golf course near downtown

Aloft over Albuquerque

Milling around, waiting for the balloon to fill
Last checks before takeoff

The Chocolate Smith shop and kitchens - Santa Fe

Sunset in Sedona -- backlit
Storm clouds forming over the Sedona rocks

The author, preparing to leave for home

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